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Come back down to reality. I would love to get in arms reach of the guy who beat up his dog to death. Ryan Idol still looks hot. I used to dream and fantasize about him. Not leave hateful messages. Who beat up a dog? Would welcome back to porn any day. An even bigger mystery — Harlow Cuadra was in the military, got good grades in school, seemed to live an exemplary life. So much for the idea that military service instills character.

List of comedy television series with LGBT characters

I watch gay porn perhaps more now than I ussed to, but I doubt if I could remember one adtor star? I admit to being a lot older than most of your readers so that could account for my ignorance. Having said that being arrested as a felon and having served time employemtn is difficult. I would imagine that the porn industry is more forgiving than the rest of the world, but ultimately I think it would have to be judged by the crime that was committed.

First or even second degree murder, any kind of battery, etc.

What are all of us honest-to-goodness, queer-to-the-core homosexuals to make of these wannabes?

But many are locked up for crimes that are not violent yet the very environment they are living in is a horrible substitute for rehabilitation. If gay sex is a source of employment for this group, I see no problem—but I question manking it public knowledge.

These are not as major some of them although abusing anyone is not ok. How could you possibly leave that one out. Jake Lyons is accused of battery? However, some of the gay porn guys who do this just insult our intelligence; if you gleefully get double penetrated and gang-banged by oh I dunno, 12 huge cocks several times a month on top of the whole sex with men thing then no, you are not straight. Not in any fathomable universe. The murder of Bryan Kocis Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is a textbook lesson in how to get caught when committing murder.

I would like to point out that almost all the gay and gay-for-pay porn stars do not go on to ruined lives of drugs, prostitution, crime, etc. Some of the most interesting bloggers are current or former gay porn stars. More than one has gone on to schoole to.

As for Jake Lyons, a. Greg on Corbin Fisher, I suspect his life would be going downhill with or without his involvement in gay porn. Still his one hardcore scene on Corbin Fisher was unusually good. On Bait Bus, he just seemed like a common hooker. On Fraternity X, he proved that he would do anything for booze and a buck.

Broken Ace: Patrick outwardly appears wealthy, handsome, and successful, but Beneath the Mask his life is empty, soulless, and deeply disturbed. Can't Get in Trouble for Nuthin': No one suspects Patrick of anything, even after he confesses everything. Capitalism Is Bad: Patrick's and his associates' entire existences revolve around being shallow consumers of high class commercial products like designer clothes, expensive watches, fancy electronics, and getting reservations in highly fashionable restaurants. Cassandra Truth: There are times when Bateman openly confesses his crimes to people, who either don't believe him, mishear him, or think he's joking.

Whenever anybody around Patrick is speaking about something that puts him at unease or if he is feeling uneasy about things on his own mind , Patrick frequently evokes his idol Donald Trump or his first wife, Ivana in efforts to put himself back in control. In the book and film, during a limo ride with his mistress Courtney, Patrick tries to ignore Courtney's drugged state while wondering aloud if Donald Trump's limo is beside theirs in traffic. In the book, when nervously meeting his ex-girlfriend Bethany for lunch, Patrick makes up a story about recently returning to New York after a flight on the Trump Shuttle.

In the book, when meeting his brother Sean for his birthday at Dorsia, jealous that his brother was able to get a table, Patrick outright lies about personally knowing Donald Trump, having plans to attend a party of his, and being able to introduce him to Sean. In the book, when Detective Kimball visits Bateman's office, Patrick successfully derails the conversation about Paul Owen's disappearance by directing the detective's attention to the copy of Donald Trump's book The Art of the Deal on top of his desk and asking Kimball if he's read it.

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Crapsack World: Almost every character, with the exception of Jean, is an absolutely odious, shallow, and self-centered individual, lacking in anything even remotely like a redeeming feature. They pretend to be conscious of tragic news stories and global crises murders, drugs, mafia, nazis, AIDS, homelessness, Sri Lanka, et. Critical Research Failure: In-Universe , and more frequently in the book than in other sources. As much as Bateman tries to present himself as possessing immense knowledge and informed opinions in appreciation of pop culture, music, movies, TV, and other trivia , he does occasionally get things wrong, although this isn't always made glaringly obvious: In all adaptations, there's a scene where Bateman references a quote which he attributes to infamous murderer Ed Gein.

In actuality, the quote in question was said by another serial killer, Edmund Kemper. In the book and musical, a character points out that he hung his cherished, original David Onica painting upside-down. This gets her killed. Moreover in the book: It's actually by The Rolling Stones. It also humorously demonstrates complete ignorance of the uplifting, reassuring quality of the song's pop hook that explains, "You get what you need. At a U2 concert, Patrick and his friends aren't sure which one is "The Ledge". He attempts to compliment Tom Cruise while sharing an elevator by telling him how much he liked the actor in the movie " Bartender ".

Top 10 Things We'd Like to See in the 'American Psycho' Remake | LitReactor

Tom Cruise corrects Patrick on the film's actual title— Cocktail. In the movie, Patrick says Huey Lewis' Fore! Bateman says Whitney Houston 's debut album had four number one singles on it when it only had three. Damned by a Fool's Praise: The music Bateman talks about is an example of this. Ellis didn't like any of the music Bateman liked; he used it because "it seemed to reflect a certain kind of mass-taste" Bateman wanted to be a part of. He later came to regret associating Huey Lewis and the News with Bateman.

Disposable Sex Worker: Disposable Vagrant: Bateman also targets homeless people just as often as prostitutes. In the book, Al is suggested to have survived his encounter with Patrick and reappears later in the second half. Disproportionate Retribution: Several of Bateman's victims are killed out of jealousy or vengeance over incredibly petty grievances. Dumb Blonde: Evelyn and Courtney, primarily.

Also, three models Libby, Daisy and Caron Patrick and his associates mingle with in a nightclub. In the book, when they're asked to name any of the planets, two guess the Moon, and the third one guesses Comet. This is deconstructed with one of the models lamenting this and saddened by how Bateman sees her as nothing but a brainless squeeze, suggesting there is more to her character , but she doesn't mind because she thinks Patrick is actually a nice person.

The '80s: This decade is omnipresent from fashion, trademarks and pop culture references to discussions on topical issues related to the era. Even Evil Has Standards: Three characters who Bateman does not kill are Evelyn, his fiancee; Jean, his secretary; and Luis, his gay associate, all of whom are in love with him.

2. James Van Der Beek as Sean Bateman:

Notable, as Bateman finds Evelyn incredibly annoying, but never considers murdering her, and he was actually about to kill Luis, until he revealed he was gay and in love with Bateman. Even though Bateman is disgusted by this he still does not kill Luis. Also inverted in the book, where Bateman kills a small boy but doesn't find it evil enough. Evidence Dungeon: In his apartment, there is a head in the fridge and numerous implements of murder and torture. Subverted as the ending implies that Bateman may be having psychotic delusions about his murders.

As he is an incredibly unreliable narrator , it calls into question everything we've seen and whether the 'evidence' was really there. Evil Is Petty: Patrick kills people for such things as having fancier business cards than he does. Extra-Strength Masquerade: Bateman could be caught, but no one cares to catch him.

When Bateman is ready to confess his crimes to his lawyer, Harold Carnes, his murder of Paul being among them, the lawyer rebuts his claims by saying that he had dinner with Paul in London, twice, just ten days ago. Gainax Ending: What will happen to Patrick? Is he really a murderer, or is it all in his head? Impossible to say. Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: Patrick has an extreme hatred for homosexual males whom he derides as "faggots" but is deeply aroused by lesbian sex. In one instance late in the book, Patrick relates to the reader that, when the topic of his favorite daytime talk show turns out to be "Teenage Lesbians," he finds the program "so erotic" that it causes him to miss a business meeting.

Hide the Evidence: Bateman does so little, if any, productive work at his office , and when Detective Kimball visits him at work and remarks, "I know how busy you guys can get," Patrick suddenly notices his still-running Walkman on top of a small stack of skin mags on his desk, which he quickly tries to slip into his top drawer.

High Concept: Bret Easton Ellis has stated that this premise was arrived at relatively late in the process of writing the novel, and the earlier chapters are more about Bateman's vanity and isolation.

Hookers and Blow: Part of Patrick's exceptionally decadent lifestyle. Early in the narrative, Bateman publicly puts forth to his peers that it is on themselves to work towards solving social crises, such as providing food and shelter for the homeless, opposing racial discrimination, supporting civil rights and equal rights for women, and return to traditional moral values.

American Psycho (4/12) Movie CLIP - Sussudio (2000) HD

However, privately, Bateman is an ardent bigot without ethics who only feels disgust for the poor. In the book, as Bateman lays this all out, he even tries to openly support both sides of divisive social issues, such as stressing a need to "change abortion laws to protect the life of the unborn while also maintaining a woman's right to choose," which is further contradicted later in the book in separate scenes where Bateman forces women who he sleeps with to get abortions even performing several of them himself against their will.

Patrick shows open disdain for people who smoke cigarettes, while he himself enjoys smoking cigars. In the film, Patrick disallows one of the prostitutes from smoking in his apartment after she takes out a cigarette, but Patrick lights a cigar in the exact same room after murdering Paul Allen. 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