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There is a neighborhood called Chapinero in Bogota, and a part of it is called "Chapigay". From beauty salons, tattoo parlors, fashion shops, community centers, gay friendly travel agencies, and of course bars, restaurants, discotheques I have to say that I've been positively surprised by the acceptance of the gay community in Colombia. I had no idea Colombians had such progressive views. Still I am sure that a gay couple would face more negative remarks or looks in the streets of Bogota than in the streets of NYC , London, Berlin or Paris.

It's not all rosy, but not as bad as one could expect either. Undiscovered too. But in general, numbers of tourists are low as Colombia still suffering from its past reputation despite currently being no more dangerous than any other Latin American state, and definitely safer than Brazil. Colombia has gay scene in any major or medium-size city and, in my opinion, one of the best in the world.

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Bars aren't exactly part of latino culture so you will mainly find dance clubs and saunas. People here love to dance and are good at it.

In fact, they say they can recognize foreigners from their lousy dance moves: Bogota , being the biggest city, has the most to offer. This is actually the biggest gay club in the world, but the crowd isn't exclusively gay - lots of women and straight guys too. On Saturday night 13 rooms are open with capacity for 10 people. The club is open Thu to Sat. Fridays 7 rooms are open while Thursdays only one. Another popular place to dance and socialize is El Mozzo, but I have not visited it. It's more for those that into electronic music. In Cartagena two good places are Le petit bar-disco I think it is open every day and stylish dance club D8 only open on weekends.

Two rooms of music - latino and electronic- good looking, athletic waiters and interesting design. You can have a great night there. Full of handsome guys. Tourists skip Barranquilla , but while this big port city does not have much to see, it knows how to party. And not only during the Carnival. I wasn't sure whether to visit, but taking into account its size, I was expected decent gay clubs there and to my surprise they exceeded my expectations.

Out of all the places locals recommended two: Rumours and Lives. Rumours is a semi bar, semi club that plays electronic music: Lives is bigger, 4 rooms of music, - people, only open on weekends. Very mixed crowd.

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Basically, a smaller version of Teatron. There are many more places to go to, but I have not visited them. I was gutted I could not visit any in Medellin: In Santa Marta , Voltage is a dance club on weekends.

Other Atlantico Cities:

Cali and Bucaramanga has gay scene too. My mentioned places aren't exactly cheap for an average Colombian, and some like Rumours are frequented by wealthier crowd, so I suspect there are places for poorer gay Colombians to go to, too, but I know nothing about them nor whether it would be safe to visit them. Few things to mention. Make sure you have an ID with you - Teatron is notorious for its strict security.

No shorts. They let me in D8 wearing shorts maybe cos I was a foreigner , but Rumours in Barranquilla denied me the entry for that. Luckily my hotel was 5 min walk from there so I went back and got changed. Try not to get too drunk - while the country is much safer these days, there are always some bad people and wondering around the cities at night is not safe. Make sure you take taxis to and from clubs. Otherwise enjoy it - few countries in the world will offer more to a gay traveller than Colombia.

Grindr and Hornet are the most popular dating apps. You can also use them to ask locals about places to go to. The main issue is that not much English is spoken in Colombia, in fact, hardly any, so basic knowledge of Spanish would be very helpful. Interesting report though - as I stated above most Colombians could care less about someone's sexuality - they may comment on it but that is all it is - a comment.

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Yes Teatron in Bogota is in the heart of the Chapigay neighborhood I mentioned. I went there once, and yes it's HUGE!! Some rooms are clearly LGTB oriented, other rooms are more of mixed crowds.

I have to say I spent a great night there! Of course, for straight people, you got to have an open mind regarding the LGTB communitiy.


Ryan comments about dress code in discotheques is spot on: If necessary for your travel plans make sure you have brought proper travel insurance , protected your privacy by getting a secure VPN , compared all the top hotel booking sites to find just what you're after, reserved an unbeatable rental car price and - of course - booked the best flight deals!

Or maybe just forget it all and go for a last minute cruise or effortless tour instead? Many gay travelers including us indulge in worldwide airport lounge access and pre-arrange airport transfers to take the stress out of travel. Just add an adventurous attitude and plenty of smiles - they go a long way - and that about covers it all! Now go out, find your global rainbow family and don't forget to share your best gay stories with us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram We'd love to hear from you!

Order in the court! Its Oh. Funky, unique interior with a vivid color palate, views over the city and an oh-so-trendy bar and lounge mean the party often comes to you and your room is only a few floors away. Housed in a stunningly renovated property, you will feel like Royalty of old in these spacious rooms with period-details. Dripping with old-world elegance, this is not a gay-friendly hotel you will soon forget.

Here are the biggest, with a reputation for being friendly to foreign travelers. Be aware that prostitution is legal in Colombia only in designated tolerance zones. Two stories with all the expected facilities including massages, a deluxe stream rooms with views to the lounge and a dark room. Check their website for the weekly schedule of events.

Other Bogota Cities:

With cages, slings and private parties where paying a bit extra will get you whatever you like. Never a boring time to say the least. Drinks specials, lockers and massages.

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Strip shows and theme parties but most popular on Fridays. On-site bar, jacuzzi, lockers and sauna. El Mediterraneo — A slightly dated sauna in a historic building with spa, wet sauna, bar, individual cabins and massages free entry on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.