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I remember knowing what the answer would be before finishing every quiz; it was always exactly what I wanted it to be. If I took a quiz seeking reassurance I was straight, I would get it. If I took a quiz wanting to be told I was gay or bisexual, that would be the conclusion. But no result ever felt true enough for me to stop taking quizzes.

How strong is your gay relationship? (male)

Eventually, I gave up. I moved to New York, where I dated one man for a few weeks before he dumped me, and then repeated that scenario with another man. I attributed my dating failures to generic incompatibility and the inestimable shortcomings of the male sex. I vented to my therapist, and dumped my therapist, and then got my new therapist all caught up. Throughout, I worked at BuzzFeed, making quizzes. Quiz making was a relatively tedious process, especially then, when the content management system was buggy and public interest modest.

But quiz making was also empowering, meaning it made me feel like God. Finally, I had the answers I wanted because I wrote them myself. In designing quizzes, I could elect myself the most well liked, brilliant, hilarious, hottest and most likely to succeed. Soon the power made me cynical. In the comments of my quizzes people would affirm their results as if they were scientifically proven: For years I had convinced myself that my failure to obtain a boyfriend was mathematical — too few parties attended, too few men befriended, too little time dedicated to Tinder.

I assumed there was a right way to do things and I had yet to master it. It was my good, second therapist who helped me realize that my nonexistent love life was not a quantitative issue but a qualitative one. Why did I imbue an amateurish, made-up, misspelled four-question quiz with more authority than I granted myself? Lost in the many hundreds of quizzes I had taken was the power of making my own choice. They will also provide more detailed information like about their hobbies, jobs, pets, children, hopes for the future, and preferences for things in all areas- movies, books, television shows, etc.

If you are having trouble finding a date, OK Cupid might be for you. Then move on to the actual dating site and get going with it! Let's start with the basics to get a feel for who you are and what you are looking for. And we cannot get more basic than whether you are a man or a woman. After all, it is the first question you are asked on any online dating profile, as it should be.

So regardless of which gender you are looking to date, which gender are you? The second thing most online dating websites will want to know is how you identify, whether that be gay, straight, bisexual, or anything else. No one- a website included- can be expected to find you a date much less lasting love if you do not tell them exactly what it is you are looking for. So when it comes to love and dating, how do you identify? People of any age are welcome to search out the world wide web in the hopes of finding lasting love.

Luckily, there will always be someone your own age out there who is also looking. However, you do not have to stick to your own age group when trying to find a date.

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That is the beautiful thing about online dating- anything goes! Just because you are, say, 25, doesn't necessarily mean you want your date to be. On OK Cupid, the site allows you to choose a range of ages for the people you are interested in meeting.

So what is your ideal age range? OK Cupid, like most dating sites, recommends that you introduce yourself for your profile. This sounds simple enough, but when it comes down to it, most people find themselves wondering where to begin. How does one accurately describe themselves for their future partner in a blurb? Do your best to pick from the following "blurbs". The cool thing is that dating websites don't necessarily just have to be for dating, although that is what they are typically used for.

If you need to ease into the dating scene for whatever reason, or if you want to meet people as friends first, OK Cupid or any of the other matchmaking sites make that completely possible. Just be sure to be up front about what you are looking for in your profile. Most dating sites require that your face be clearly visible in your profile picture to ensure that you are who you say you are, and so that no one is misled when it comes to what they are expecting physically.

17 Bisexual Guy Problems

Most people would probably not agree to meet someone who refused to show their face anyway, but you never know. The only thing that sucks is if someone you know happens to see you. Your goals and how you live your life are undoubtedly important things for a prospective love interest to know, but they are more important to some people than others. What are your plans for the future, what are you doing with your life now, and how do you live your life?

Give us an overall impression of you. One of the questions OK Cupid and probably all of the dating sites asks is what kind of a person would make your ideal match. They ask details regarding your likes, dislikes, and what is important to you in a partner. This helps them come up with people you would potentially get along really well with.

And who knows? They might just find The One! It may not be the first thing you think to discuss on a first date, but at some point, religion will need to be talked about between a new couple. This is because you cannot possibly settle down with someone if you do not agree on religion. That is not to say that you cannot end up with someone of a different religion, but you must agree to disagree, unless one of you converts. Basically, religion affects many aspects of a couple's lives.

The genre of movie a person prefers may or may not tell us a lot about them. However, it is something that is an option to fill in on your OK Cupid profile. Basically, the more detail about yourself that you can give the site, the closer of a match you may find. Having the same or different tastes in movies will probably not make a break a couple, but it is still nice to know, to paint a clearer picture of who you are. Kids are not necessarily a deal breaker when it comes to meeting new people to date, and in fact, for some people they are considered a bonus! Others may be scared off because sometimes kids are seen as baggage and if not them, then your baby mama or baby daddy for sure.

But no matter what, it is essential that you are up front from the get-go if you have any little ones. This is a great thing to put on your dating profile, because if you are like most people, you probably do not want to be with someone who is completely opposite than you when it comes to politics. Like religion, discussing politics is often a no-no for a reason. People get pretty upset over it, so it is best to make your beliefs known on your profile so that you don't end up on a date with someone who will offend you or vice-versa.

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Smoking is a total deal breaker for a lot of people. If you are not a smoker, you likely will not want to kiss, sleep with, or generally be around someone who is a chain smoker, since their clothes and things typically smell like smoke. A cigarette here and there is different. Likewise, a smoker may not want to date a non-smoker simply to avoid having to be careful when and where they smoke.

Everyone is different, so no one will judge you and no one will even know if you choose money over people you love as something you could never live without. In fact, it could even be viewed as respectable, since you are being honest about it. The truth is that there are plenty of things we could all live without, but of the following, which would be the worst to have to do without?

Sometimes it just comes down to who you are or are not attracted to. So whether you are white, brown, yellow, black, or purple, your personal preferences can be stated on your online dating profile. And making your preferences clear will help you find your perfect match!

You’re Not Alone

This question is important because somewhere down the line if you end up moving in with whomever you end up dating, pets may also be living with you. If you are deathly afraid of dogs, for example, you may not want to enter into a relationship with someone who has dogs. Or maybe if you are not even afraid of reptiles, you still may not want to live with them. People checking out your profile want to know these things, too. The answer to this question is of varying importance, depending on who you ask. Most dating prospects probably don't care as much about your level of education as they do about what that education has gotten you, meaning your career.

If you have managed to become financially stable without any sort of education, good for you! However, it never hurts to have gone to school.

What Is Sexual Orientation? (i.e. What Does It Mean to Be Gay?)

Alcohol may or may not play a role in your romantic relationships. But it is good to establish what role it plays in your life before you get into a relationship with someone else. A tradition of viacom international inc.